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True North Farm

True North Farm is back!  Now working to regenerate our whole 40 acres, with the same commitment to biological farming, humane animal rearing, selection of the best genetics for natural rearing, and producing the best quality meat for your family!


For sale this Winter

Grass Fed & Finished

4 Breeds this year!

4 hatches

Grass fed, Grass Finished beef, raised in the best regenerative farming way.  The steers were up to their shoulders in grass, alfalfa and mixed forbes, and moved daily to fresh pasture.  This creates beef that is high in Omega-3s, high in polyphenols, fabulously tasty and tender without being too fatty.  You cannot get meat of this quality from stores, only from the farmers and ranchers that grow cattle this way.  Nervous about buying bulk beef?  We have a 100% money back guarantee!

Four breeds of baby turkeys will be available this year, including our popular Minis, 2 heritage breeds and an improved large turkey you can grow for those customers who want the really big ones.  Please go to our Turkey page and read all about the different breeds.  We can ship poults across Canada.

Our mama pigs are Idaho Pasture Pigs and Kantos.  The IPPs are a new breed developed to thrive on pasture, eating a totally natural diet, while not destroying the pasture - we are very excited about these!  The Kantos are a bigger pig that has been developed from a Berkshire/Duroc cross to produce 'red meat' pork with good marbling and lots of chops!  Kantos need grain for best growth but can be raised outdoors.  Subscribe to our newsletter for info on piglet sales!

(Shh!  Milk at farm gate...)

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