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Day old chicks











(Until 31st of May)





Hatching eggs : 30$ a dozen

Point of Lay Hen

8 weeks old : 20$

12 weeks old : 24$

16 weeks old : 28$

More info HERE

About Rockettes

The Rockettes are a layer line of Barred Rocks. If you want the classic Barred Rock look and more eggs, especially in the summer, this is the bird for you!. Although every dual purpose breed is a compromise between meatiness and 'egginess' the Rockettes have all the right traits of a good layer: early onset of lay, the low maintenance requirements of a smaller bodied bird, a high rate of production, good egg quality and good temperament. We also managed to darken up the egg colour a bit.

The ‘Rockettes’ are more active and nimble than the heavy Barred Rocks, and have impressed us with their use of the nest boxes (no floor eggs) and the quick way they have ramped up to large eggs and nearly full production. Their eggs are medium to dark brown with good shell quality. They will lay though the summer better than most heritage breeds and are suitable for fall hatches as well as spring hatches.

If you get unsexed Rockettes you will enjoy the good meat characteristics of the cockerels of this breed.  They will dress out nicely at 16 to 18 weeks and make plump fryers with relatively broad breasts for a heritage chicken.

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