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News (as of 23rd of May 2023)




Poultry Express is chick delivery that is better than mail, but we need volunteer drivers.  If you are planning a road trip to pick up your birds at the farm or any of our drop off locations, and you can transport additional birds to locations along your way home, you can become a Poultry Express Driver.  This is better shipping for the people you help, gives safer and faster transit for the birds, and subsidizes your expenses, so win-win-win.

This is how it works: The driver lists his/her route from the farm or one of our drop off points to home, and the hatch day that s/he is driving for.  We post these listings on the News page of our website. People who want to order chicks in that hatch, and who live along the route, can contact the driver and discuss terms of service: cost of the fare, location and time to meet up.  If they agree to the arrangement the driver will let us know whose boxes s/he will be picking up.  If the recipient has already paid for postage or air cargo we will refund that part of their payment.  Typical fares are $30+ per box, which makes them a bargain.  

One of the benefits of having your chicks delivered by Poultry Express is that you do not need to fill your box(es) to shipping standards.  You can order as many or as few as you wish!

Here is the current list of Poultry Express drivers for 2023 :


- Morgan Klassen, 13th of June to Gabriola Is through Langley, Nanaimo, Gabriola ; 250 538 7415 ;

- Miv Varalta, 13th of June to Sayward, through Nanaimo, BC 19 ; 250-282-5536 ;

- Victoria Youmans, 13th of June to Nakusp through BC 97S, BC 6 ; 250-916-9826 ;


You are welcome to join this list if you can do the drive!  If you want to arrange a ride for your chicks go to our website to get the contact info for the driver you are interested.

Call them if you want to get an order in this hatch and take advantage of this shipping option.
And send us a message if you want to be a Poultry Express driver yourself!

There's a lot of information available on the breeds we sell here :                                                            and on the different ways of shipping here :                         

Reach us through our contact form if you have any questions:

You can also phone us at 250-546-0106 from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm (it is a landline so do not send any text message).

Emily Robertson - Chief Chicken Wrangler   

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