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News (as of 26th of August 2023)

Many things have changed this year, as we phased out the chickens and got wholeheartedly devoted to our cattle, pigs and turkeys.  The biggest farming challenge in the Okanagan is the summer drought - the pasture doesn't regrow if there's no water.  So we have invested in a K-Pod irrigation system.  As irrigation goes, this is a really small system, but it can deliver 1" of water in 12 hours to about one third of an acre.  That's enough to keep our pasture areas from going dormant in the summer, and let's not forget the soil biology - the microbes need to stay alive too!

Linda J., Armstrong

We have had the hamburger and roasts already and they were all DELICIOUS!! The meat is tasty, tender and not too fatty. Can’t say enough good things about it. Thank you for taking the care that you do to provide us with such high quality, healthy meat. Your commitment to grass fed/ finished beef is so very much appreciated.

Russell R, North Vancouver

The beef we got from you is so much better than what we used to buy.  Quality and taste beyond our expectations!  Now we know that regenerative farming and natural grass finishing really do improve quality.  We will be making a larger order this fall!

Jason M., Langley

As an ageing athlete I am very concerned with eating the most nutritious and clean foods, especially protein.  Your beef is the best!  It's not just the tenderness and taste but also no antibiotics or hormones, no GMOs from grain, no shipping stress.  Thank you!
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