News (as of 14th of June, 2022)

IMPORTANT : We will be loosing our chick sexer at the end of May! So if you need females only, order your chicks in April and May. Unsexed layer chicks will be available in June, July and August. There will be one sexed hatch on September 13th  for fall hatched pullets. Only Caramel Queens are sexable all year.

There will be no more duckling sells for this year.

We are entering the seasonal peak on the farm. Our days are extremely busy. We are dealing with orders, emails, phone calls but also farm chores. We are doing our best to answer your messages as quickly as possible. If it takes a bit more than a couple days to get an answer, don't worry ! :)

Thank you for your patience folks!

Avian Flu
Due to the threat of High Pathology Avian Influenza we are increasing our biosecurity at the farm - and you should, too - but we are not changing anything that will affect our supply of hatching eggs, our secure hatching at Bradner Farms Hatchery, or our transport or shipping of chicks, poults or ducklings. Although we are close to the infected broiler farm in Enderby we are not in the CFIA Primary Control Zone around that site, and even if we were it would not have an effect on our business.

Please do not panic about the flu.  In all previous outbreaks it has been almost 100% in commercial barns, not in small flocks. The pastured poultry ‘model’ presents significantly less risk than the intensely confined commercial model, and small farmers rarely cross paths with the commercial folk, so we have little exposure to contamination.  The CFIA has learned from previous outbreaks that nothing is gained by locking down uninfected flocks, and they are not likely to do that again. The Small Scale Meat Producers Assoc. is engaged with the CFIA to prevent measures that are unnecessary.

Our Availability page is frustrating some people who have seen numbers go up and down suddenly and they wonder what’s up with that. One problem is that our hens are still gearing up, so the number of eggs available has been increasing every week. And the second problem is that we have a hatch we adjust the numbers to reflect the current hatchability, which may have gone up or down.  The numbers on the Availability chart are our best guess, and subject to change.

Poultry Express is chick delivery that is better than mail, but we need volunteer drivers.  If you are planning a road trip to pick up your birds at the farm or any of our drop off locations, and you can transport additional birds to locations along your way home, you can become a Poultry Express Driver.  This is better shipping for the people you help, gives safer and faster transit for the birds, and subsidizes your expenses, so win-win-win.

Call them if you want to get an order in this hatch and take advantage of this shipping option.
And send us a message if you want to be a Poultry Express driver yourself!

There's a lot of information available on the breeds we sell here :                                                            and on the different ways of shipping here :                         

Reach us through our contact form if you have any questions:

You can also phone us at 250-546-0106 from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm (it is a landline so do not send any text message).

Emily Robertson - Chief Chicken Wrangler