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April 30th, May 14th, May 28th, June 11th
The June 11 hatch is timed for Thanksgiving

About our Turkeys

This year, in addition to our popular Minis, we are offering 3 other breeds of turkeys, all the work of Hendrix Genetics to bring you heritage characteristics with genetic health.  

Each breed has something different and special to add to your backyard flock, or to the birds you are growing to sell to discriminating customers this fall.  Orlopp Bronze for the classic turkey look.  Large Whites for the folks who want birds that dress out in the 20 - 35 lb range.  Spanish Blacks for unique flavour.  Each one has a webpage with more informtion - check them out!




Shipping Turkeys

We ship by Canada Post in BC, and all over Canada by air. 

For safe shipping you must order multiples of 20 poults.  You can combine different breeds in each group of 20.


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