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Spanish Blacks

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Spanish explorers brought turkeys back to Spain in the 1500s, and this new exotic species spread rapidly through Europe.  The mutation for black feathers took place in Spain as well, but the Blacks didn't spread as much until the French (in the 1800s) discovered that the blacks had a unique flavour.  This breed has been selected for centuries based on French gastronomy, but even in France they are still known as Spanish Blacks. This ensures a distinct taste, juicy texture and uncompromised quality. Unlike many heritage poultry breeds, they still represent old-world traditions and artisan values.

The Spanish Black is a rare breed that is small in size and slow growing. It has black feathers, unique colouring in the face and feet, long black legs, and a pronounced beak. The Spanish Black thrives in a free-range environment where it can express natural tendencies such as roaming and roosting.

The Spanish Black offers a robust, gamey taste that is exotically different from traditional turkeys currently in the market. With its unique and uncommon characteristics, the Spanish Black is a standout breed for any farm or dinner table.

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