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100% Grass-fed Beef

Diverse, Regenerated Pasture

Heritage Breeds of Cattle

They make the cleanest,

most nourishing,

and delicious meat!

Raw meat singles.jpg

1/8 Beef - 50lb
$157.5 deposit

Beef raw meat.jpg

1/2 Beef - 200lb
$630 deposit

Raw meat doubles.jpg

1/4 Beef - 100lb
$315 deposit

Meat aligned with lemon.jpg

1 full Beef - 400lb
$1,260 deposit

We don't charge by hanging weight but only for the edible cuts you get.

You can request organ meats and bones from your steer. These are FREE.  You have to share them with the other buyers of your side.

Deposit is 20% of total amount.

We are so sure you'll like our beef that we offer a

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

But wait... How much beef should you buy?
These charts below should help you out

Beef I need for a year


Freezer space I need


Linda J., Armstrong

We have had the hamburger and roasts already and they were all DELICIOUS!!  The meat is tasty, tender and not too fatty.  Can't say enough good things about it.  Thank you for taking the care that you do to provide us with such high quality, healthy  meat.  Your commitment to grass fed/finished beef is so very much appreciated.

Russell R.,  North Vancouver

The beef we got from you is so much better than what we used to buy.  Quality and taste beyond our expectations!  Now we know that regenerative farming and natural grass finishing really do improve quality.  We will be making a larger order this fall!

Jason M., Langley

As an ageing athlete I am very concerned with eating the most nutritious and clean foods, especially protein.  Your beef is the best!  It's not just the tenderness and taste but also no antibiotics or hormones, no GMOs from grain, no shipping stress.  Thank you!

For questions or placing an order, send an email to

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