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Orlopp Bronze

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Orlopp Turkey

Orlopp Bronze is the breed that established the premium, niche turkey market in North America. The original bronze line hails from 20th-century England.  Bronze eggs were imported by the Orlopp family in 1935. Over the years they acquired an additional bronze line to increase their genetic pool and offer superior quality turkeys to the market. Hendrix Genetics purchased this breed in 2005, and has worked to uphold the foundational work of the Orlopp family and remains committed to preserving and strengthening this breed.

The Orlopp Bronze is a broad-breasted turkey, with excellent conformation and high meat quality due to its natural fat layering. Underneath its beautiful bronze feathers is an efficient, robust turkey. The Orlopp Bronze is a strong complement to any farm, delivering competitive feed conversion and maintaining industry-leading health status.

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